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Ah...High School. Every now and then I get a mass email from a former classmate of mine that works in the business office of my alma mater. The most recent email went back and forth among other AB alumni, most notably with this Top Ten list from another former classmate. Maybe this will give you some insight into my past life.

*Sidenote...many of the conservative "rules" no longer exist at AB, and they weren't too torturous to endure since everyone was also abiding by the same rules...it sure makes for interesting conversation later in life...like my dad's story of "walking uphill both ways, in the snow, to school, carrying his dumb trombone..."


10) You feel a strange, overwhelming impulse to put a sticker on your shirt to hide an emblem.

9) You have ever asked your wife return a dress because the collar fell 2 inches below the clavicle.

8) It took three years before your could bring yourself to wear a khaki pants and a solid color shirt.

7) You make your kids sit boy/boy and girl/girl in the backseat of the car.

6) When dating, instead of going dancing, you tend to ask girls if they want to go to a banquet.

5) You notice your family is the only people in the pool wearing a t-shirt over their swimsuits.

4) Rock music is bad.

3) Christian rock music is worse!

2) You think Denim is the devil’s fabric.

1) You have half the Bible memorized…but it’s all in freaking King James!!!

Intrigued about ABHS? Go here. Go E-A-G-L-E-S! ;)

Does anyone have any fun high school trivia they'd like to share?


Shelli 7/3/06 10:17 AM  

I remember going to "Falls Creek"...my baptist church camp, and having to wear a t-shirt over my swim suit. And thats BEFORE I had weight issues. GRRRR...

Elise 8/3/06 2:35 PM  

I didn't go to a Baptist school, but since I grew up Baptist, I got quite a chuckle out of the list. Pretty sweet!

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