Fayetteville FD to the Rescue

What happens when you let dry clothes sit behind your dryer for months and months and months? Blocking the wires and vents? Um. Yeah. A fire.

As you can tell from the picture, we watched a pretty interesting scene last night before bedtime! Six fire engines, one ambulance, and the fire chief. They got the hose out and everything! We didn't see any flames, but there was definitely lots of smoke. Definitely reminded me why we need renters insurance!

Andrew talked to one of our managers to get the scoop. Thankfully everyone was okay and the ambulance went away empty. And, one of the firemen said that our apartment buildings are built well, so the fire didn't spread to any of the other apartments in that building (just lots of smoke and STINK!). He said that if it had been an older building, the whole thing would have probably burned to the ground. Yikes!


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