Well, we have 8 weeks left. I promise I won’t do a countdown, because that’s a little overkill (not to mention annoying). But...I have been thinking about all that we have to do...and I just can’t believe its only 8 weeks away!

Here’s what’s on the brain today: I need to find a job. Anyone in a job transition knows how difficult it is to find a new job...especially when you’re a little burned out in the old one. The question seems like an easy one... “What do you want to do?”...but oh it is so much more than that. Right now I think I’m just asking myself, “What can I do that will make enough money, and yet will be something that I don’t dread getting up in the morning to do?” And...I’m having trouble creating a resume that sums up my experience, without limiting me to only a Trust job. Any advice?

Other mind wanderings: Packing, moving truck?, saying goodbye to friends, apartment, want to see Julia, need to train someone to do my job, get through the list of to-dos at work, money, traveling, busy schedule, money...
Now on to my busy day at work.


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