The Tracks

True community. Fellowship. What is this? Sometimes I have trouble wrapping my mind around what it means to "live in community" with others. As I get older, it becomes more and more difficult to make friends and feel a sense of community, but last night I was really struck with how blessed I truly am by the community around me. Praying together, for each other. Sharing life's joys and sorrows. Delving into the character of God together. Vulnerability. Trust. Communion. This community has been growing and changing during our entire time in NWA, but I can just see now how truly blessed we are and how priceless it is to have people care about each other and support each other. Of course, there are imperfections, but these are the things that grow us up, make us stronger, keep us real. Iron sharpens iron...

I was at lunch with a good friend today and we had such a great talk about life. She reminded me of an analogy she got from another friend, about how life is not necessarily like roller coaster, with constant ups and downs. It is really more like railroad tracks where God's goodness and severity, life's joys and struggles, happen right alongside each other. I have felt this in many instances, answering the question of "How are you?," truthfully by saying "fine," knowing that while things are fine, there are so many other things going on that might not be so "fine."

If you're on the railroad tracks of life, I'm right there with you. Easy things and not-so-easy things going on at the exact same time. Thank goodness for true community that exists because of grace and truth.


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