weekend rituals

I've been thinking today about a few things that have become repeat occurrences in my weekly life. For instance, all of you know how much I love on working on Saturday: well, one of the things that has become my unwinding ritual on the drive home from bentonville or Rogers Saturday evening is I listen to A prairie Home Companion on NPR. APHC is a radio variety show that is taped at the Fitzgerald Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's quite cheesy and bit old fashioned but I really enjoy it after a long Saturday of helping customers with their telecommunication needs. I always forget about it until I get in my car and turn on the radio; I hear it, take a deep breath and feel at peace.

Another new tradition I've come to love is Sunday breakfast with Virginia. For 5+ Sundays now, Virg and I have had a pleasant Sunday breakfast together. Our usual place is Panera. We saunter in around 10:30-11:00 in our comfy clothes, get a few bagels (or scone) and coffee and read the Sunday Paper together. We like to beat the church crowd who comes in around noon to give us dirty looks since it's so obvious we weren't in church that morning. :-) I want to get a shirt that says "I go to night church!" It's such a great time because we never have anything to do Sunday morning. It's guaranteed time together. Last week we went to Denny's and got the Peach French toast with sausage (which is way better than IHOP's). Breakfast with Virg has quickly become the highlight of my week.


Shelli 31/10/05 11:27 AM  

The Jones' have a standing Sunday morning breakfast date as well. EVERY SUNDAY. Maybe this is when the Stegers and Jones' need to do that double date that we always throw around in our idea box. And throw in the Sullivans too. FUN TIMES!

anje 4/11/05 10:10 AM  

So design a t-shirt that says "my church meets at night!" or "Bed-side Baptist Church" or something else clever. You a smart guy. I bet you even have a t-shirt "contact". ;)

Hey, can I put your lower-case t's on my blog page?

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