Close to Home

Tuesday night is my TV night. Biggest Loser on NBC at 7:00 (with a little America’s Next Top Model during the commercial breaks...), then Amazing Race: Family Edition at 8:00 on CBS. Last night I happened to stay up for the show that comes on after Amazing Race...Close to Home. I have to say, that was one of the better evening dramas I’ve seen in a long time. Did anyone else see it? The premise of the show is a team of investigators that solve crimes that happen where you wouldn’t expect them, maybe right next door. Domestic abuse, secret murders, yadda, yadda, yadda. Last night’s show started off a little sketchy, but ended up hitting home the importance of marital faithfulness and ethics in business. It seemed like it touched on issues that people face on a daily basis. Things like the temptation to make “easy” decisions instead of the right ones, to give in to the pressure of society, or to let your guard down when things are going smoothly. The show might not have been “biblical” per se, but it was positive and moral and pro-marriage. I appreciated that.


shauna 19/10/05 3:11 PM  

Tuesday night is my TV night also!! I like According to Jim, Commander in Chief, then Boston Legal.

I have seen Close to Home. It is GOOD!

Nelson 19/10/05 3:30 PM  

Gee...seems like a good post for the oh-so-easily-forgotten "TV Addicts" blog (originally titled "Alias Rocks", but since Alias doesn't rock anymore, I made it a place to discuss all TV shows).

The only show I watch on Tuesday nights is Boston Legal. Though hottie Tara left the show, they at least replaced her with hottie from the old show Ed.

As far as Commander in Chielf goes, I'm trying my best to stay away from it. It sounds like a horrible show, though it's ratings are going through the roof. Might have to watch this one next summer during re-run time.

Andrew 19/10/05 6:25 PM  

speaking of tv, which probably isn't as edifying as Close to Home. The Office and My name is Earl are hilarious. I've also jumped on the two and a half men bandwagon.

Nelson 19/10/05 7:16 PM  

Dude, My Name is Earl and the Office are truly amazing shows! I've a huge fan!

Nelson 19/10/05 9:54 PM  

Umm...I didn't mean that I have a huge fan. That should have been "I am a huge fan".

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