How do you say "Happy Birthday" in Thai?

October 7th was Julia's 24th birthday! Since she's in Thailand, a 12 hour time-difference (until Daylight Savings Time), she got to have a longer birthday. I just thought I'd post this picture..her teammates got her a Razorback birthday cake. She says that since she's on the other side of the world its been easier to be in denial about how they are doing this year. Yes, sis, you definitely have more important things to worry about than how terrible the Hogs are this year. Love you, we miss you, and we're praying for you.



anje 20/10/05 9:22 AM  

how do you say Razorback in Thai?

Shelli 24/10/05 9:38 AM  

Tzow ti cho min lang.

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