Christmas Light Sighting

The leaves haven’t even finished changing colors, and its still 80 degrees outside...but the City of Fayetteville started hanging Christmas lights today on the Square. One season at a time, People!


Grant 14/10/05 4:32 PM  

are you sure they weren't taking them down from last year??

anje 18/10/05 9:27 AM  

Don't be too critical. At least they skipped over halloween.

Sarah 20/10/05 5:25 PM  

Some people near us have their house completely decked out already. The lights were on this morning when I went to work. I'm with you... let's stick to the season we're in! Their gawdy lights were a distraction from the red leaves! (To give them a little credit, I think the guy installs Christmas lights for a living given the "We install Christmas lights" truck parked in the driveway).

EY 21/10/05 6:00 PM  

yeah..but do you know how long it would take to light the entire square..they seem to out-do themselves every year....but they will be up b/c i'm selling hot chocolate on the 19th of november..but it'll take them a month to get it all set up. but i agree...christmas presents come out in november. crazy.

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