Arkansas Mother Gives Birth to 16th Child

Wow. Happy birthday little Duggar.


Cat 12/10/05 4:58 PM  

Holy crap is all I have to say... Is that the Little House on the Prairie music I hear in the background???

Nelson 12/10/05 6:06 PM  

This may be an inappropriate comment, but I'm somewhat of an inapproriate commentor:

By the 16th child, that little guy probably just walked out. I mean, even the Pope is calling them to tell them to use condems!

Spencer 12/10/05 6:11 PM  

Don't they mean "Arkansas Crazy lady gives birth to 16th accident."

Virginia 12/10/05 6:52 PM  

the crazy thing is that THEY WANT MORE KIDS?!?!?!?! i mean, the mom has been pregnant for 18 years straight. among many many other things, it seems like complete physical torture.

Shelli 13/10/05 1:33 PM  

Ok, I was going to add to Nelsons innapropriateness...and decided not to.

What did they name this one? Jesus? They all have J names and they HAVE to be running out. Pretty soon, they'll start making them up...like:

Spencer 14/10/05 2:13 PM  

I think the next one should be "Jehosaphat Jack-O-lantern Duggar", boy or girl.

Elise 16/10/05 11:10 PM  

So, do you think they have a blog? :)

Virginia 17/10/05 8:34 AM  

does anyone in their family have TIME to blog?

shauna 17/10/05 11:08 AM  

okay, i guess i'll be weird and say something positive. as "crazy" as 16 children sounds, y'all were picking on 'em pretty hard.

after i got over the disbelief, i felt incredible admiration for the parents and thought about all the patience they must have.
i mean, sure, having 16 children is NOT on my list, but i cannot get over how blessed this family seems . . . i wasn't meaning "that" way you guys!
i don't know them personally, but they seem to have such a gift with raising a family. i mean, in this society it is awesome to see what seems to be a close-knit family who all pull together as a team. i think about how scary having children is to me - and look at this mother who is so experienced and joyful. i'm impressed.

i dunno . . . just my thoughts as i watched 'em on the news.
i will most likely not have 16 children however!!!

sarah j. 17/10/05 1:14 PM  

I actually know this family. They used to live next door to my office. The kids are the most polite, well behaved children I have EVER seen in my life. They used to ride their bikes and play behind our office. It still blows me away, though....all those kids. Every time I saw her, she was either pregnant or had just had a baby...

Elise 17/10/05 1:43 PM  

I totally agree! God has gifted these parents in a special way to do such a great job with their children. What a testimony to the fruit of the spirit, huh? Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord.--I think that several of you have hit the nail on the head by pointing out how overwhelmed we would each be if entrusted with such a huge responsibility! So, (I think) we're not criticizing; we're in amazement. :)

Virginia 17/10/05 3:09 PM  

That is definitely my sentiment...complete awe and amazement! I think of their obedience to what they felt was their "call", I think of the time they invest in their family, and I think of the sacrifice the mom and dad make every day for their kids. To each his own...this family blows me away. :)

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