Get cracking, I mean COOKIN'

Let's breathe a little life back into our Cooking Blog!!!! Elise posted her menu for the next few weeks, and I'm wanting to get back in the swing of things...making more meals instead of going out so much (or scrounging the pantry). There are a few months left of the Farmer's Market, apples are in season (almost), cooler weather, more get-together's, tailgating, etc.

Does anyone have a fun recipe to share???


Shelli 9/9/05 10:25 AM  

I forgot the sign on and password...can you email it to me?

Virginia 9/9/05 11:02 AM  

the blog should just be on your dashboard when you sign in using your own login. if it's not, I'll send you another invite. (this goes for everyone!!)

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