Office Supplies

Roladex? Check. Calculator? Check. Glass of water? Check, check. ....Mrs. Incredible inspiring me to go on? There she is... I guess I have everything I need to make this a good productive Friday.

By the way, she wanted me to tell everyone to have a great weekend. ;)


shauna 9/9/05 2:03 PM  

i had a fabulous lunch with you . . . ahh life.

Woohoo for Mrs. Incredible!

Virginia 9/9/05 2:41 PM  

yeah, lunch was great. thanks!

Jaime 9/9/05 9:49 PM  

i love sra. increĆ­ble. she's a cool chic. enjoy your weekend, virg. your husband is in my living room right now +roger, kirby & my jookers.

Shelli 12/9/05 11:45 AM  

Ha ha...I have a bobble head pen and two slinky's to keep me going.

Oh the insanity of "my place of employment that I will not mention because I HATE IT!!!!".

...anyone hiring?

Virginia 14/9/05 9:06 AM  

i hear ya! oh the things we do to keep ourselves entertained. :)

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