with iron and wine

come quick fall and let me sleep beside you. like a sad sad blanket in orange and brown whose tethered ends get caught between my toes. i am a tired man who sleeps to dream of other things like winter's warmth and children's fears. i can hear my head beating in/on my heart, quiet to the whole world and muffled to my deeds. be a spontaneous hour at last. am i aged too far to be cast in the sea, with faltering grit and salty spit please swallow me whole and let me be. let me mutter let me pray. let there be grey glory in this wide technicolor world of greens and blues. i am a weaker one. i am a sensitive one. be awake. be calm. be on time. be courteous. be broken. be shattered like a frame on the wall's corner. tweeze its shards from the heal. //he is a man of four seasons. he pulls their corners with each of his limbs, and wraps them into him again and again. cut from him a creative cloth, a tapestry of all i've lost and wrap me up, child, deep within.


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