I know this is so random, but did anyone else watch NBC news last night? When Brian Williams reported on the passing of Peter Jennings, and the little square box with Peter’s picture was next to Brian’s face, I was amazed at how much they look alike! Seriously, the picture showed Peter in a suit with a gold tie, and Brian was wearing the exact same thing. They looked identical. Weird.

I was a fan of Peter Jennings. I remember waiting for my dad to come home from work everyday. When he walked through the door, he would go put his jacket in the closet and sit down to watch the evening news before dinner. I’d curl up on the couch next to him, and I remember the smell of his ink pens in his pocket. Watching World News Tonight reminds me of those times when I was little...watching the news with my dad.


Sarah 9/8/05 6:04 PM  

I was a big fan I too. I remember watching him throughout the 9/11 ordeal. I'll never forget when he cried talking about the images. It was weird last night when they were showing highlights of his career because I was in the kitchen making dinner and kept sticking my head out to watch. At one point I couldn't hear him talking but it looked just like a regular old broadcast with him doing the news. It's weird how sad you can be for someone you never knew but was so familiar to you.

Fidel 10/8/05 2:37 PM  

I was watching NBC too and thought that Brian Williams was actually Jennings on a old video clip they were showing. Funny thing!


Lafe 10/8/05 5:16 PM  

Don't be hating on Brian Williams, Dave has a mancrush on him...I'm serious...

Virginia 11/8/05 8:33 AM  

i'm definitely not hating on BW...right now he's my favorite anchor. :)

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