I can write.



Jaime 10/8/05 5:05 PM  

way to go, girlfriend.

Andrew 10/8/05 6:17 PM  

that is a wicked awesome scar!!!

Spencer 11/8/05 7:02 AM  

For reals, how many stitches?

Virginia 11/8/05 8:33 AM  

thanks! 4 stiches on thumb. 6 on wrist. (looks like i slit my wrist...fun)

EY 11/8/05 1:42 PM  

woohoo!!!! have fun on vacation.

EY 15/8/05 3:28 AM  

this spam blogger gets on my nerves!!!

Cat 24/8/05 1:35 PM  

I think your handwriting looks better than mine normally does! I hope you hand is feeling better... See you soon!

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