The Vacation

We’re back! [Can you hear “Back to life, back to reality..." in the background?]
It seems like we’re the final few returning from vacations this summer. Isn’t the Monday after vacation the worst day in history??? Its like a Monday times 10. Blah!

As far as a day-by-day account of our trip, let's see...wake up, put on swimsuit, go to beach, lay out, listen to waves, go in, eat lunch, wait 30 minutes, head back to beach, lay out some more, go shopping, eat dinner, watch movies, go to sleep. Yeah, that about covers it! ;) Seriously, though, we had a wonderful time in Destin...great food, perfectly HOT weather, great fishing/shopping, fun family time. Highlight for me was probably our evening out playing Putt-Putt. All ten of us enjoyed a rousingly competitive game...and Andrew and I came in second-to-last. But...we still had a great time!

I’ll write more soon. Just wanted to keep moving that nice picture on down the page! :) And, as an update, the hand is doing really well. It was brace-free most of the week, and although there is still some pain when I write, I am definitely getting movement back, and I think it’s doing pretty well for being just 3 weeks out of surgery.


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