If you give a mouse a cookie...

He'll want a glass of milk, of course! Also known as the "never-ending story" that many of us have discussed in the past.

I bought a Tungsten T5 Palm Handheld today. After making the decision, all of the sudden I thought of all the other things I need to buy to accompany my new toy. Memory cards, earphones, cool leather case, and of course a new purse to fit my new palm. Really, truly, I'm so excited about this new techie gadget, that I hardly paid any of my own money for, what a cool blessing! There are so many practical uses for this device in my life...I should be (and am) satisfied with just that. I just think its interesting how easy it is to get sucked in.


Spencer 24/8/05 8:37 AM  

ooohhh aaahhhh
Thats the one I want too!

Elise 24/8/05 8:56 PM  

Your mom must be so proud!! Welcome to the palm world. :)

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