Saw the doc. this morning. The good news is that everything looks great. He said surgery went perfectly, and that it looks like I'm right on track for a good recovery. He took out the stitches, and said he'd still like me to keep it "immobile" for another week or so. So...the not-so-good-news is that I'm still wearing a cast...but, I basically asked him to put it back on for the stability. And, my curiosity has been relieved since I got to see the scars. And, I got to scratch my arm! So, I'm okay that the cast is back on. :)

I was talking to a friend last night and was really able to process with her my emotions about this whole thing. Among other things, I know the Lord is teaching me about servanthood, patience, rest, His provision, my pride, and judgemental attitude. The whole experience has been a postitve one. Thanks for your prayers.


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