I’m a control freak. I know, hard to believe! But, its true to some extent, and this past week has been full of things that have turned my little plans upside-down. In many ways, I believe I’m learning to be flexible with the future...sortof going back to something I wrote last week.

Just as my money is the Lord’s, and a tithe is really just saying “Lord, I trust you with this.”...my time is the Lord’s too. I can have a savings account (or as my dad says, a “holding zone”) for future expenses, but trust that the Lord really might have better plans for those funds. I can plan my calendar up to December, but I need to learn to be flexible...and TRUST...that His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are higher than mine (Is. 55:9).

He knew what He was doing last week. He's causing the plans to be disrupted just enough to make us turn to Him and say, “God, what do we do?” I guess I’m just learning the line between planning for the future, and living for today. Eternal perspective.


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