Change of Pace

Summer always makes me want to be swimming or riding rollercoasters or gardening or .... doing something outside. It is the time of year when I really struggle dragging myself out of bed to go to work in the morning. I LONG to be doing something ... different with my life. Two conversations going on in my head:

Right Brain: The sun is out!!!! Lets go hiking!
Left Brain: The sun will be out later. Right now, bills to pay.
Right Brain: Wouldn't it be fun to go to Paris for a month?
Left Brain: Yeah right, you can't afford that!! How would you take off time, and aren't there more important things to do?
Right Brain: True, but ...maybe we could just go on a mission trip. Let's move to Mexico!
Left Brain: Fayetteville is right right now. Its home, you like it here. Just settle for a little while, don't do anything crazy. Listen and wait. When its right, it'll be right.
Right Brain: Yes, yes. That's true too. God is good, look at all the beautiful things going on right now! Come on, let's go do something FUN!

Left Brain always wins out. She's true, you know...I've got a good thing going at work and in life right now. My heart is bulging to make a difference...share Jesus with the world...to worship Him and point others to worship Him too. And right now, He's showing me how to do that in the day-to-dayness of my job. He'll move us and grow us and point us where to be next. Its hard sometimes finding the balance between here/today and the future. Andrew is the dreamer...I'm the "realist"...but there's dreams in me too, and my prayer lately has been, "God, please do in me what You will, and send me where You want. Give me a sensitive heart to hear Your direction."

I bought a lavender plant 2 1/2 weeks ago at the Farmer's Market, and its still alive. I have to say, it makes me smile to come home from work to see it still green and growing.


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