Gulley Park Summer Concerts

Here's a link to the much anticipated schedule of summer concerts at Gulley. Concerts are FREE, and are on Thursday nights from 7-9. Let's go!!!!!


Jaime 27/5/05 4:44 PM  

we're in anytime! give us a ring...

Nelson 29/5/05 5:18 PM  

Allison tested the Concert waters with Emma last week to see how an 18-month old functions in an environment like that.

I'm happy to say she passed and we will be attending lots of concerts this summer!

Elise 2/6/05 9:34 PM  

There are also some movies at Walker Park on Saturday nights.--New this year in Fayetteville. They are free and begin at dusk. The first one is on this Saturday, and I think it is Shrek. Sounds pretty fun!

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