My boss and I drove to Eureka this morning for a property inspection, and we stopped at a gas station in Goshen for breakfast. They had chicken biscuits in their warmer, so we both decided to get one (since we both LOVE Chick Fil A's chicken biscuits). Bad move. These things tasted okay going down...but whoa...they left a nice "feeling" in the tummy for hours later. Much much different from the "real thing." Nothing else could cover it up, and nothing really could get rid of it. Add the curvy roads to Eureka, and you have one sick-feeling girl in the passenger seat.

I'm all better now. Had "Hurt-cha" for lunch...pretty much picked at my tostada, but it was good nonetheless. The conversation was the best part. I feel like I've been given some great friends here in Northwest Arkansas...friends that I can talk with and identify with. What a blessing!


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