Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

Get excited because Ty’s coming to NWA! During the first two weeks of June, the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team is going to be renovating a home in either Fort Smith or Fayetteville. The family will be announced early in June. Arvest has set up an account for donations to help the family pay off their mortgage and for scholarships. So, just in case that's something you'd be interested in being a part of, you can go to any Arvest Fayetteville location and tell the teller that you want to make a donation. How fun!


Nelson 12/5/05 1:07 PM  

That's stinking AWESOME! I wanna be there when they tear down the old house...that would be freaking sweet to witness!

EY 25/5/05 10:34 AM  

i'm with you on that one....there's nothing like putting a sledge hammer to a wall. although i wish the show would take on the revitalization of a neighborhood and work on a bunch of small houses rather than tearing down one and replacing it with a McMansion. i feel like they have great intentions..but the revisions are at times over the top. not that i'm saying they don't deserve it..but could we spread the wealth over a larger area???

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