when it rains...

it pours. this spring and summer have a plethera of new cd's coming to your local retail entertainment (or beloved online music) store. it's seems like most of my favorite bands are coming out with cd's very soon.

Ben Folds- Songs for Silverman (Check out the article in PASTE)
Eels-Blinking Lights and Other Revelations (check out the review in Relevant)

May 3:
Ryan Adams and The Cardinals- Cold Roses (the 1st of 3 albums this year from Adams)

May 10:
Weezer-Make Believe (Cover of Rolling Stone as well as AP)
Spoon- Gimme Fiction (great article in Paste)
Dave Matthews Band- Stand Up

May 24:
Gorillaz-Demon Days

June 6:
Coldplay-X&Y (already being dubbed Coldplay's Joshua Tree)

so yes, heck yes.


Lafe 26/4/05 12:23 PM  

I also found out today that John Prine has a new album coming out this week too. It is his first album with totally new stuff in almost a decade. If you don't know John Prine, I would advise you to check him out, he is what every Singer/Songwriter aspires to be...Oh yeah, I also read the USA Today review of Ben Folds and it said it was crap (my word, not their's). I am looking forward to getting it though. I haven't got any of these new dual-discs yet.

Andrew 26/4/05 12:52 PM  

i actually listened to the new folds this morning at barnes, and it sounds pretty decent to me, but it's hard to tell from the 30 second clips. i'll be getting it anyway.

EY 27/4/05 10:19 AM  

i feel ya on that one drew...30 second clips sometimes doesn't even get you to the good stuff...

Shelli 12/5/05 11:30 AM  

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