I've been staring at the computer screen so long today that my eyes are "fuzzy." Contacts are drying. Eyes getting squinty. Head achey.

Drew and I had lunch at Quiznos today. We had a coupon for free chips and drink, so our total meal was $6.11. I love it when we can eat good for that cheap!

And the bank is having a "referral contest," basically to get everyone enthusiastic about the numbers (blah), and the good thing about it is that we get LOTS of candy. :) I love candy.

Finally, on my mind this week has been last weekend's retreat. God gave me peace in my heart about the things going on in my life right now. And...I'm usually so cautious of the "mountain top experience" because I fear things just going back to "normal"....but God gave me the freedom to really, truly enjoy Him last weekend...purely for the sake of WORSHIP...and I think that has freed me to enjoy this week for what it is. Life is still complicated, and disappointments happen, but HE is still so faithful, and it's all about Him anyway. I'm thankful that He's taking off some of the rough parts in my heart.


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