This week has been nuts, but I just wanted to report that I'm here, and I survived. "Tax Week" and preparation for our new imaging system almost fried my brain...but here I sit, at 2:15 on Friday, and its all done. YEAH!!! I think this weekend will be one of the most relaxing and restful weekends...merely because I get to think about something other than taxes and filing.

I'll be at the Grove Women's Retreat this weekend, and if you think about it, please pray for us as we deal with the issue of "Contentment." I think this break is much needed for many of us (and for the girls that can't go...EY, SS, JM...we'll be thinking of you also!). Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Andrew 15/4/05 3:03 PM  

Congrats babe, you worked so hard this week and very much deserve a break this weekend. have fun and eat some chilidillo for me (or was it armidilli?)

EY 17/4/05 11:21 AM  

although i wasn't able to attend the retreat..."contentment" was the theme of my taiwan trip. God truly does know how to teach, reveal, and inspire in many different ways. I hope the retreat was a blessing to you. I'll see you at church.

*g* 19/4/05 11:32 AM  

virginia! glad I had time to chat with you this weekend. Have a teriffic week. -gennie

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