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The Groundhog saw his shadow today...which is good news for the snow bunnies out there! He says six more weeks of wintery weather. So, if my calculations are correct, that means Winter will be officially over around March 16th (which I guess is about right anyway!). Yahoo and the Associated Press had a little to say about it too...I have to say, I think Groundhog Day is one of the most random holidays we Americans celebrate. I know people in Arkansas don't really celebrate it, but up in Pennsylvania it looks like they definitely do. Hmmm...there's a little American Trivia for you on this snowy afternoon. :)


Nelson 2/2/05 8:57 PM  

Wow! It's Groundhog Day? I had no clue! (if it doesn't show up in my Outlook calendar at work, it doesn't exist in my world).

I sure hope USA or TBS is showing the movie "Groundhog Day" back to back to back! I LOVE that show! Bill Murray is great!

Thanks for the update! And also, I am certainly one of those people that would walk past someone I probably know in a resaraunt. But that's just because I'm an idiot and things my eyes see don't register with my brain. In fact, I don't know if I'd recognize you if I saw you out somewhere! It's weird how we all read each other's blogs but haven't met, isn't it? Maybe we should have a "Get to know your blogger pal" party! We could invite Grant up so we can all ignore him just for fun! (not to make fun of you...I just think it would be really fun to do that!)

shauna 3/2/05 8:06 AM  

I think that's a grand idea Nelson. There are certainly characters I come across that I do not know. You for example. Don't take offense. I see you everywhere in the blog world and I keep asking myself, "who the hell is Nelson?!" I suppose you've made yourself famous with your numerous responses. Anyways, a blog party would be kinda fun.

EY 3/2/05 8:52 AM  

i think the blogger party is a good idea. as to random holidays...we have lots of them. there is a national hug day... there are weirder ones..but i can't think of them. i'll be back.

Grant 3/2/05 10:34 AM  

Let's combine them all - hug a blogger/make fun of a blogger/ or ignore a blogger day. You can pick which one!

Nelson 3/2/05 2:59 PM  

We could do a grab bag where, as you come into the party, you get a piece of paper that tells you what random holiday you're supposed to celebrate that night. You would have to make another blogger guess your holiday. What a great ice-breaker idea!

Grant 3/2/05 10:23 PM  

I nominate the Steger Casa for it - that way Virginia can be rude on her own turf....hahahah

Nelson 3/2/05 11:12 PM  

Milking it, baby!! Milking it!!!

EY 5/2/05 10:12 AM  

what about blogger tag. interesting if you didn't know who you were tagging.

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