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for what Grant says is the end of my Blogging Blues. :)


Grant 2/2/05 1:43 PM  

I love the novella you left on my site! Have you thought about chapter breaks?:) ha hah ha.

So in return - I'm leaving my novel on yours!

Bottom line - I got nothing but love for ya'! This has been a funny string of posts and comments. In fact, I am linking this link/comment off of my comment on the original post. :) hahahah.

As for etitquette - JLo can tell you that the church culture in LR is weird. If "they" have seen you preach or up front on the platform, alot of "them" expect you to know them. (Some don't - as usual generalizations end up ticking off the wrong people.)

So as a youth dude who leads worship and teaches every now then - I have folks who visited Grace that morning, see me later in the week, say "hi" without introducing themselves.

About halfway through the conversation - I'm lost as a goose. I haven't been listening to a word they've said because I'm trying to figure out where I've seen them.

Finally as a last ditch effort, I ask - "Please tell me how you know me." Which solidifies their decision to never visit Grace again. I mean, how could you worship at a place where one of their leaders is an insensitive, arrogant punk who doesn't take the time to know the 'little people.'

And he plays Halo 2. Pray for us all!

So what do you do? Smile and nod!

Virginia 2/2/05 3:03 PM  

I definitely understand what you're talking about! The whole "culture" in Little Rock is weird, I should know, I lived there for 18 years. :) Everyone has a connection, and being in a "public" job requires you to have many random interactions with people that you should know, but just can't place. We're taught to stretch outside our comfort zone to get to know people, to reach out. And sometimes for me (an introvert!) that's a difficult task. I'd like to say I'm always growing in my "social skills," but having a little humility is always a good thing. :)

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