Blogging Blues

I'm sensing a little tension among the blog community. Templates are changing, links are being added, everyone's learning new things! I've found myself in a "blog rut"...my mind has had many random thoughts...about life and work and so many other things. But when I try to write, I just get frustrated because those thoughts do not come out on "paper" the way I want them to. Maybe its that I need to see snow/mountains like Brett said. Maybe its just that I'm ready for the weather to decide what its going to do. I don't know what it is...but I don't think a new blog design will do it for me. Besides, I like my design, although my mood lately hasn't had as many polka dots in it, I like the fact that my sidebar is on the left instead of the right (since I'm a lefty). I do, however, want to learn some new things. Maybe I'll give this tutorial a try. (Thanks for the tip, Jason!).

I've always loved writing, and blogging gives me the opportunity to try to formulate complete thoughts in a public way. I'd love to write a book someday, but I don't know what it would be about. Until I get a topic I'll just keep on blogging. :) And for now, I'm leaving my template the way it is.


Grant 28/1/05 10:36 AM  

Orangjack is a friend of a friend of mine in Orlando. The tuturial is a great place to learn some stuff. Plus, he pretty often throws up some funny posts...not as funny as us, of course! :)


jlo 28/1/05 11:25 AM  

Sometimes changing (or trying to change) the template can be even more frustrating. I feel a little lost in the computer world, but the Orangejack Blog really helped add a lot to my knowledge. I would do it when you have extra time though (like when Andrew is gone!).
I did feel a sense of accomplishment by making the changes I made b/c I learned some new stuff, like html code. Thanks Rob via Grant.

Nelson 30/1/05 12:57 PM  

I just changed my template because everyone else was. I'm such a follower.

And I've also felt the pressure to blog more, mainly because of Grant who posts like 5 times a day. I struggle to come up with stuff to write about (that anyone might even remotely find interesting) 1 time a week!

Everyone has their blogging dry spells. It's like electronic writer's block! I've noticed the Blog Ring of Fellowship goes through it's dry spell every now and then. People are either too busy or too bored (like me) to post, or to have anything to post.

So cheer up, Blue Blogger!

Virginia 31/1/05 1:00 PM  

thanks John! i've really enjoyed seeing all the new changes to the blogs. i'm still definitely a novice when it comes to links and counters and all that stuff. mine will change too...someday. :)

Grant 31/1/05 2:32 PM  

Hey! I'm standing here! I'm in the room!! I do NOT post 5 times a day. That is such an overstatement, I'm offended. You might as well just been in the same room with me and ignore me...

oh wait, that did happen, didn't it?

jlo 1/2/05 2:12 AM  

That's funny, I don't care who you are.

Nelson 1/2/05 11:57 AM  

I'm laughing REALLY hard at work right now! My boss just asked what was so funny...what am I going to say??

Grant 1/2/05 4:32 PM  

Tell him you just saved up to 15% on your car insurance!

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