Julia started at Arvest last week. One thing they do with new employees is that they take them around to all the branches to meet everyone that's at work that day. Ten branches, probably about 200 people to shake hands with. The next day I walked in to work, and one of the mortgage lenders stopped me and said, "you and your sister look just alike!"

Neither of us have heard that since we were about 4 years old (she would have been 3) , and people thought we were twins. Now she's about 5'4", and I'm 5'8", she has dark curly hair, I have brown straight hair. And we're built totally differently. So, do you see a resemblance?


Grant 27/1/05 12:55 PM  

I think you're both pretty but...I'm not seeing it. One of you adopted? :) haha

shauna 27/1/05 1:06 PM  

i never even would have guessed you were sisters!

Nelson 27/1/05 4:32 PM  

I can see some facial similarities in the mouth and nose area (from the picture).

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