Busy day today. I’m taking a few minutes to get organized...with my thoughts and with all I have to do. Its tax time, and for trusts it means making sure all the tax worksheets and 1099s get to the accountant ASAP. I have a few more left to deliver today. I also have to run a few other errands for a client who is coming in town today (who lives in San Francisco). Then the usual stuff...making sure the H’s insurance bill gets paid, Mrs. D’s pharmacy bill, and DL’s school tuition.

Andrew and I had a nice relaxing weekend. Saturday I did laundry most of the day. Went to dinner with Scott and Ryan at Fuddruckers, then watched I Heart Huckabees with the Harkeys. Existential movie...definitely out-there, I didn’t think I would really like it that much, but it wasn’t as incoherent as I expected. Andrew loved it. He enjoys movies like that. Like Waking Life...that’s one of his favorites. Yesterday I grocery shopped and Drew did our taxes. Then we went to church...what a great and inspiring service. After church, Julia came over and we played Split. We were going to watch the Oscars, but we don’t get ABC...so we watched Independence Day on Fox instead.

I thought I started today well. Then, as I left the apt to get in my car, I realized it wasn’t in the parking lot. Yeah. We left it at Panera on Saturday when we went to run errands. So, I had to wake Drew up (he didn’t have to be at work until 10:00 today) so he could take me to pick up my car. Blah. So, instead of being right on time, I was 15 minutes late. What a way to start a Monday. :) When things like that happen, my emotions start to snowball and I get more and more frustrated...with how cold it is, then with what time it is, then with how “slow” he’s driving, then with the fact that its Monday. That knot in my stomach grows and grows until I get to work and am just so frustrated I can barely think about anything. So, I’ve taken a minute to calm down...and to realize that its not that big of a deal. I think when something’s wrong, its easy to make it about Andrew...when it might not have anything to do with him at all. He’s just something/someone I can be frustrated with...but really getting frustrated with him just creates a distraction from what I’m really frustrated about. So...in reality...right now...I’m fine...just needed to work it out. Just needed a fresh outlook on this Monday morning. And my cup of coffee, which I just finished. Its going to be a good day.


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