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We've discovered Blockbuster Online. Ahh. For now, its a Christmas gift from Andrew's parents, but it will probably be something we continue. Works like NetFlix...you set up your list of movies you want to rent, and they send you 3 at a time, with postage paid return envelopes enclosed. No late fees, you can return at any time, and when you send one back, they mark it off the list and send you another one. It's definitely awesome, to not have to walk around Blockbuster trying to decide what to rent...and to not have to pay late fees. So you guys just thought that we've seen every movie ever made. You ain't seen nothin' yet! :) And, where NetFlix is $19 a month, Blockbuster Online is $15. "Heck yes."

Also, in Steger News for today: We've been entertaining our LOTR obsession...Andrew got "LOTR: Return of the King Extended Edition" for Christmas (completing our set). We've been working our way through the Special Features. All of the LOTR extended editions have great special features, but this one seems to be so much better because it actually wraps everything up. You see the cast say goodbye after spending around 4 years in New Zealand. The footage of the countryside and the stories behind set are as much fun as seeing the film itself.


Nelson 10/1/05 11:24 PM  

Someone needs to put together a LOTR day! Lots of people have all three of the extended versions...and I say we set aside a Saturday and just veg out. One group makes breakfast...someone makes lunch...then a big grill-out to finish it off! Of course, with loads of popcorn and a countless supply of beverages (Cola or water, just to clarify)

This needs to happen...it would be A-mazing!

Nelson 10/1/05 11:25 PM  

Umm...I forgot to mention (but hopefully it was implied) that during this day of eating and vegging out that we actually watch the extended movie start to finish...10+ hours!!!

Jaime 12/1/05 12:31 PM  

we sorta did this over break with my mom to catch her up... it's a bit overwhelming in one sitting. but good idea!

Dr. A 13/1/05 8:58 AM  

CANCEL YOUR BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE...but not all the way. I went to cancel yesterday because Walmart DVD is $2 cheaper. Though they have one less disk and a smaller selection, they ship 2x faster and thier selection is "big enough."
However, when I went to cancel Blockbuster gave me a $1 discount for the next 3 months to keep it. So...it's worth at least $3 to ya to go "cancel" but be talked out of it...and it will only take you a minute.
Plus with the price wars going on right now (Walmart is 12.97)...things might even get better soon.

Virginia 13/1/05 12:36 PM  

great tip! thanks. :)

Grant 13/1/05 2:22 PM  

As a DVD junkie myself and a former Netflix, current Walmart AND Blockbuster subscriber...here is my 2 cents.

Walmart - for us in the Rock - is twice as slow getting us movies as Blockbuster and Netflix. we are cancelling them this month.

Blockbuster also has two free in store rentals a month coupons you can print off and use.

Netflix - great pioneer and forerunner of DVD rentals but the extra 4 or 5 dollars - ain't worth it...

Don't you love movies?

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