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I never know the protocol for how long to leave Christmas decorations up. Is everything supposed to go back in boxes the day after Christmas? Or do I wait a week? Last year, the garland on my door was there for probably two months until I finally had time to take it down. :) This year I didn't put it up...I just didn't really think about it. Plus, last year the birds built a nest in it...I didn't want to have to deal with that again this year! I thought I'd poll the audience to see what you think...how long do you wait to take down the tree?


Jaime 30/12/04 10:08 AM  

traditionally, january 6th (the day of the three kings) is the last day. this year, we're taking down the tree today (dec. 30th), because it's real and dying. the rest will stay up for a bit. and i've heard that you should leave up snowflakes & snowmen through february. but then you've got valentine's decorations to contend with...

EY 30/12/04 12:22 PM  

my christmas lights are still up from last year on the house. they are too high to reach...i don't have a ladder...and well...i think the squirrels like them. yikes. and my candy cane light from my white elephant exchange will most likely sit on my porch until february. :) so...dunno. i never had a tree...but me? i'd probably leave it up until it dies. i'm a big slacker. j/k. you're asking the most un-christmas person. :) let me know what the consensus is.

Brett 30/12/04 1:40 PM  

Growing up, my mom would take decorations down on the 26th! If we weren't careful, she would start packing them up before we had finished throwing away the wrapping paper.

When Elise and I got married, we started leaving decorations up until Jan 1.

Now that we have a daughter whose birthday is December 30, our goal is to get all of the inside decorations put away by her birthday (or birthday party), so that we can put up birthday decorations. That way her birthday seems like a unique event seperate from Christmas.

I think I'm going to take down the lights on the outside of the house on Jan 1. That way, at least it still seems like we're in the midst of the "holidays" through New Year's.

Nelson 2/1/05 12:04 AM  

If it were up to me, lights would NEVER come down! I mean, what's more festive than lights?? (calm down, Pottery Barn lovers...I know there's a lot of festive stuff in there and in Martha Stewart Living, just entertain me for a bit).

In college, my roommate and I never turned on the crappy overhead light in the dorm room. Instead, we left our door open, took out the overhead light bulb, and ran white Christmas lights around the room (as tastefully as can be done in a dorm room), and played guitar all night by the glimmering light of Christmas decor. And guess where everyone wanted to be?? Yeah...our room.

Alas, I have been instructed by my wife to take down the lights tomorrow. Very sad.

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