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hey guys, I just wanted to share the good news. I got the Alltel job!! I had an interview last week that I thought went really well. The Store manager and HR director for that store said they would contact me sometime after the holidays. Well last night we got back from LR and there was a message on my phone. it was the manager of the store requesting a second interview. I called him this morning and he asked if i could come in at 1. so i put my suit on and headed to rogers. The 2nd interview was kind of low key, it had some of the same questions. I felt it went okay, but not as great as the previous interview. I left feeling a little bummed about my performance. I came home and around 3:30 I got a call from the manager and he offered me the job! it's such a huge weight of both Virginia and my shoulders. We feel really blessed about how God has provided. Thanks for everyone who has been praying. I start January 10th and if you need a cell phone you know who to call. :-)


Virginia 28/12/04 5:02 PM  

I'm so proud of you, Drew. I love you! I also wanted to thank our prayer partners on this. How humbling to know that God answers prayers...ones we pray for ourselves, and the ones we pray for our friends. We know He's faithful and is going to take care of us. We are so blessed by an amazing group of friends and wonderful families. Love you guys.

EY 29/12/04 11:59 AM  

Praise God! He does provide...just a little patience and faith. Congrats Drew. On the same note...I have a job interview with a local architect next tuesday...thinking about working a part time slot with this guy while i'm teaching and transitioning into full time in the fall. we'll see..... anyhoo...wasn't trying to steal your thunder... just that I am reminded that God has our plans laid out for us...and He provides. Congrats again....i may be coming for a phone soon....AT&T is driving me nuts.

Nelson 2/1/05 8:20 PM  
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