Eve Day

Its Christmas Eve, and I'm at work. I just thought I'd get one more blog in before we leave for Little Rock. I'm hoping to get out of here a little early (we're technically off at 2:00, but I think I'm leaving around 12:45). Andrew and I want to get on the road as soon as possible...Little Rock is a "skating rink" I hear. Mom said it took one of Julia's friends 7 hours to get from Chenal (West Little R0ck) to North Little Rock (usually no more than a 20 minute drive from that part of town). Yeah. So, we're planning on driving I-40 down, and seeing how it goes from there. Who knows, we may be spending the night in Target's parking lot. :) I'm sure someone with a 4-wheel drive will have pity on us, especially since its Christmas. Andrew's a great driver, and handles those situations well, we'll be fine, I have no doubt. :)

I think the bank is ordering pizza for us today for lunch. That's a nice touch. We've all been trying to busy ourselves, I think my phone has rung once...and I actually made one phone call, but other than that it's pretty dead. Its a great time to come to the bank, you won't have to wait in line! Arvest, the bank without banker's hours. :) Merry Christmas everybody!


cindy k. 25/12/04 10:30 PM  

hello, dearest of friends! i just joined the blogging bandwagon, so thought i'd drop my 1st comment. how exciting! :-) anyhoo, to add to the lr traffic issue, it took my sister-in-law's family 7, count 'em, 7 hours to get from conway to the rock, but i found out later that it was due to a chemical spill on the hwy, not all b/c of ice. the roads were definitely not good, though. but how wonderful to have a white Christmas! thank you, Lord. it is beautiful. see yall manana!

EY 27/12/04 9:51 PM  

welcome to the blogworld cindy...so wuz your email addy to your blog..so the rest of us can infuse you into the blogworld on our own pages?

Nelson 31/12/04 10:23 AM  

My wife, daughter, and I got stuck in the Conway/LR traffic on Thursday afternoon. We moved less than 1 mile in 4 hours. Thankfully, my 1 year old daughter was an angel, having sat in the car for 7 hours already...she was very content. We finally broke every traffic law and pulled off around Mayflower (there's a road, Hwy 365, that runs parallel to 40 and very near the interstate right there) and got moving. It took us a total of 10 hours to get from Mountain Home to West Chenal in Little Rock. Good times.

Virginia 31/12/04 2:24 PM  

i got a call from a friend that traffic was terrible in conway. we were going to bypass it by taking hwy 10 from Morrilton, but started listening to KARN 920...they had people calling in with traffic conditions, and all the comments about conway were that it had cleared up. we took a chance and ended up making it through conway no problem. i guess we just left fayetteville at the perfect time. :)

the roads in LR were a different story. cars up on railings and all along the sides of the road...it was pretty slow going. but very nice to be home with family.

Nelson 31/12/04 2:42 PM  

Yeah, we saw that car up on the guard rail on Chenal Parkway...pretty scary. And all the roads (including Bowman) were fine, except for Chenal Parkway...it was a mess!! I had to spend Christmas Eve just driving family members around. After a full day of driving 25mph, I was ready to go insane!

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