Christmas Musings

I was at the mall today (my first mistake!). When I left, I was going to drive over to the Pier One/Barnes and Noble parking lot. I was second in line at the stop light, behind an old lady in her silver Jag...and there were about 10 people behind me. No lie, we sat through 3 light changes without our light turning green. I think the Jag was just far enough away from the white line that the sensor couldn't tell we were there, and I was too close to her to get around her to turn right. AGH what a frustrating auto-situation!

On a brighter note, how exciting is it that there's snow on the first day of Winter?! Its very cold out, but sortof nice that its finally feeling like Christmas. You know, the "smell" of winter is finally here. I get off work at 2:00 Christmas Eve, then we're driving to Little Rock for the festivities with our families. Christmas Eve dinner and presents with the Cato's, then Christmas day with the Steger's. We'll go see a movie Christmas evening, then church somewhere on Sunday.

Being newly married has been fun this time of year. Starting our own traditions, figuring out where we're going when, and buying gifts for each other and our family. We've (I've) been baking Christmas cookies all week and we're (yes, we're) icing them tonight. I remember mom making "Christmas Tree" cookies, and how much fun that tradition was/is. Some traditions are definitely spiritual in nature (setting up a Nativity, Advent readings, even candy canes), but some are merely to build good memories and family cohesiveness. I think secondary to the Reason for the Season is family and friends...to celebrate the ways we've been blessed with people around us...I think its right to celebrate those things even as we celebrate our Savior's birth. So, our First Christmas will be one to remember...and one to be thankful for. I talked with Elise last night, and as I drove home I became even more thankful for the friends we've been blessed with. People to walk through life with...for such a time as this. Merry Christmas, fellow blogger friends. Travel safely if you're traveling, and enjoy the snow. :)


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