Tuning out the Tunes

I thought I was going to get a little relief from my office music. About a week ago the "Musak" switched from pop music (like the American Idols, Ashley Simpson, and Uncle Cracker - bleh) to Christmas music. I was actually looking forward to the switch...until I realized something. "Santa Baby, " no matter who sings it, is just annoying. And singing "Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" grates on my nerves after a while. I've decided to agree with Esther...in general I do not like Christmas music, especially modern Christmas music. I know, call me the Grinch, but something about Destinys Child singing "Home for Christmas" (with their little rap mix in the middle) just does not make me feel very cheery.

Don't get me wrong, I do truly enjoy Christmas Carols, but there is a difference. Songs about Santa, sleigh bells, and anything by Brittany Spears (or the like) do not qualify as "carols." I can handle a little Bing Crosby, and maybe Elvis now and then, but my ideal Christmas album would be all carols like "O Come, O Come Immanuel" and "Away in a Manger."

I know all you music enthusiasts understand me...its a big deal even if the background music isn't enjoyable...I can turn the volume down, but its still there. And my computer will play a cd, but the speakers are under my desk, and they don't really drown out other noise. So I guess the only solution is to get a little cd player I can put in my office...maybe I should add that to my Christmas list.


EY 15/12/04 11:30 AM  

i'm still trying to figure out why i don't like christmas songs...ok..well i do like some...but not very many. i'm just weird. does anyone have a cd of christmas songs that aren't the traditional kind? i love it when i'm listening to the radio and a brand new song comes on and it's christmas-related...but new. i feel like a grinch..but that's not the case. just looking for some "different" music... i should go on a quest and find international christmas songs...there has to be more out there than the ones we typically listen to? it's kinda like worship...there are some songs that we don't sing as much in church b/c either they have been classified as "old school" or there have been newer ones to replace the traditional ones. does this apply to christmas songs...b/c it's the same ones year in and year out. hmmm.

Chris & Carrie 15/12/04 12:57 PM  

I heard that the grove is doing a christmas album. Maybe you would like that one. I totally agree about the dumb Santa Baby crap that is on Musak. Thankfully I am too busy at work most of the time to pay attention to it. I actually love most of the Christmas music though. My faves are Harry C. Jr., Ella F., and good ol' Dean M. I did get the James Taylor Christmas album the other day, it is good but nothing special...

Virginia 15/12/04 2:31 PM  

yes, i like some of the nostalgic christmas music...Harry C Jr is great, and Ella F...and i can handle that kind of music in the background. mom used to play all her Christmas records (yes, the big black ones) every year as we decorated the tree. those songs still stick with me as enjoyable Christmas music. anything written/recorded after around...hmmm...1960 seems to wish to be part of the "classic" category. unfortunately the dumb ones are the ones that stick in your head. i think this Musak station has about 6 versions of Santa Baby, and definitely 3 versions of my LEAST FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG... "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." All of this just makes me think of the movie "About a Boy," where his dad wrote a dumb christmas song and he lives off the royalties. Pretty funny movie if you haven't seen it. :)

I think i would really love the Alison Kraus cd you talked about (Carrie) in your most recent entry. And as far as Christmas music, the Elf soundtrack is fun (except that it does have Santa Baby on it...hmmm maybe its not worth it!).

Elise 20/12/04 8:27 PM  

You'll never believe this, but I don't think I had ever heard "Santa Baby" until about 3 to 5 years ago. We had plenty of albums with Santa songs on them growning up, but they were more the kids chorus singing along with Gene Autry kind of thing.

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