I've never been good at frisbee

I don't know what it is, but I can never get the thing to go where I want it to go, and I just feel sortof silly throwing it anyway. Andrew and Cindy and I went to Wilson before church last night and tossed the frisbee for about 30 minutes. I can tell that over the time we played, I got better, much better, but I never feel like I'll be that much better the next time we play. O well, practice makes perfect. And I really love trying to get it right...plus being at the park on such a beautiful day...with friends...so fun. Thursday night "Social Night" should be fun...ultimate frisbee or kickball. Maybe I'll get to practice my "skillz."


Ro 7/10/04 1:47 PM  

I've missed you guys at church the past couple of weekends (not that you all haven't been there, just that I haven't gotten a chance to say hi). My Arkansas 'uncle' called me a couple of weekends ago and told me that Andrew's brother Scott and his wife had visited the Journey... the church I attended in Russellville. I was curious as to what he thought of it?


Virginia 15/10/04 2:43 PM  

we haven't talked with Scott since they've been to The Journey. we've heard great things about that church, though, and passed the word along to them. thanks for your comments. :)

Virginia 15/10/04 2:43 PM  
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