Bikes Blues and Barbeque

The news last night said that they expect over 75,000 bikes, and around 200,000 people in town for this weekend. Mom and Dad are coming in town for the festivities. Should be fun! I've never really been incredibly interested in motorcycles, and think the "noise" can be a little overkill sometimes, but I figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and I'm sortof looking forward to the craziness. I'll just have to find some earplugs. :) Of course it's all hyped up at work, since Arvest is one of the sponsors...but word around work is that it'll be one to remember. Does any one know when the "bike parade" is going to be? Friday or Saturday I would assume...

And it hasn't rained in over a month. But of course, when would there be 40% chance of rain? Late Friday early Saturday. Ah well, we really need it, badly.


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