The hills are alive

Don't you just love how the hills explode into color in the fall? Brett was talking about how he loves the bright yellow leaves, my favorites are the red ones. I think its because red is a color that's further away from green on the spectrum than yellow is. Random, I know, but fascinating nonetheless. There is a tree on my way to work that was almost hot pink last week. The leaves have all fallen off now, but it was so amazing to see that every morning for a few days. I love driving right now. Everywhere I go I'm in awe of the different colors around me. Briliant yellow, flourescent orange, burgundy red, some are almost purple. I just think its so great how God created trees to be one general color for half of the year, then gives them their own unique personality in the autumn, then makes them look dead in the winter, only to wake them back up again in the spring. And in Fayetteville we get to see all of those seasons (even though the transitions can be a bit fuzzy sometimes...it's almost 80 degrees today...).

I'm in my office today, a little bored. Out of 7 Trust employees, 5 are moving offices today, and I'm one of two that is staying put (which I'm totally fine about). But...that just means that right now, everyone is gone. And will be gone for the rest of the day. So here I sit...twiddling my thumbs...wishing I was outside enjoying this beautiful day. O-well. Going to Branson this weekend with the fam. Should be fun, hopefully the stores will be full of great deals. :)


Brett 22/10/04 6:02 PM  

Oh, I definitely like the red ones as well. I guess I'm just a fan of the yellow ones lately because I'm spoiled to the red ones... isn't that pathetic?

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