Alright, I know, Virg is kicking my butt in the blogging world. I don't know why I haven't written anything lately but this is my attempt to redeem myself. This past weekend Virginia and I had the opportunity to go camping out near the Buffalo with a hodge-podge group of friends. The twelve of us met at CK's house at around 6 on friday afternoon just as it was starting to sprinkle. We consolodated our gear into 3 vehicles and made our way towards steel creek. Virg and I rode with 3 people we didn't know; Mark Wagner, his girlfriend Amity, and her sister Brianne. We had a great time on the way over getting to know them on our way over. We arrived at steel creek a little over an hour later. We pulled up to the site and noticed that all of the camping spots were full. This hippie walked up to us, "You guys here for the wedding?" We obviously weren't. He said that he had been there since the day before saving spots and that they were expecting over three hundred people. he said, and I quote, "It's going to be hipster wedding of the century, we're calling it The Rage." This became the offical phrase of the weekend. After an interesting conversation involving the words "right on" we left to find another sight. Mark led us to the Lost Creek sight where we ended up staying for the weekend. It was a great sight.
There is something incredible about just getting away into God's creation. whenever i have a time set aside for rest I tend to squander it mindlessly on tv, or buying something, or eating, or just being lazy. This weekend, even though I'm physically tired and sore, God granted me more rest than I've experienced in a long time. There were just so many examples of his glory: The changing colors of the trees, the rock formations in the caves we explored deep in the earth, the fellowship of his believers around the campfire laughing till we cried and being honest in ways we normally don't get to, the herds of elk we saw and the sounds they made at night, the grandeur of the stars, holding my wife's hand as we huddled next to each other in the cold weather. It was so comforting to feel so small and know that God is so so big and that I am known by Him.


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