This week

This has been a big week! Everything started last Saturday when our dear friends, Nick and Rachel, came over for the day to help us pack for our move to Fort Collins. We would have never been able to do it all with out their help and the help of many others (more about that in a minute). We finished Saturday with most of the big things packed and ready to go. Our plan was to head out from Orlando tomorrow (7/25)...but our plans were moved up a few days and we are so grateful that we had a head start on the packing (and some amazing friends to help us finish things up).

Sunday we got a call from my mom saying that Papaw went Home that afternoon. Thank you to those of you who have read the post below and have prayed for us over the past few months of my Grandfather's failing health. We were so glad that we got a chance to spend some time in Little Rock a few weeks ago. Andrew, Liam, and I were able to talk with him and say goodbye. I'm so thankful for that time! A precious memory of his last days.

On Sunday, after checking with family, flights, friends, work, etc, we decided to head to Little Rock on Wednesday... a few days earlier than we had originally planned. Our friends volunteered to help us out with loading our PODS, what would we EVER have done without them?

It was a hard week, hearing of my Papaw, finishing our packing, saying bye to friends on Monday and Tuesday, flying to LR with Liam on Wednesday, walking in to my Grandparent's house on Wednesday evening, then funeral services Wednesday night through yesterday afternoon.

Now it is "next Saturday"... and I am wiped. Physically and emotionally. I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning to get Liam up (who happened to wake up early today!). Right now, life looks a lot different than it did a week ago. We're living in Little Rock temporarily until we officially move in a week or so (no official date since we have no official home yet!) and we have moved out of Orlando. We are also just beginning the process of figuring out how to live without my Papaw, even though we KNOW he is with Jesus and we'll see him again.

Ok a quick note about the funeral this week. Death and loss are so difficult. Many of us have experienced incredible loss, and it is always painful. But God reminded me this week as we buried my Papaw, that the ceremony of funeral, specifically of a person who has loved Jesus, is a very foundational thing for our faith. As we go along in life, it is good to remember what the whole point is... it isn't money or fame or possessions, or happiness or family or stability. The whole point is Christ and living for Him. And...this faith that I cling to isnt just for some shallow comfort during painful times. It is real. Faith in Jesus Christ is real. My Grandfather's funeral this weekend was a solid, comforting, true reminder that there is hope in Jesus and He is faithful. I miss my Pop terribly, I will always miss him until I see him again. I loved our conversations. I loved how real he was. I loved how firm he was, yet how compassionate he was too. I miss him and I love him. And, I am comforted knowing that he is with Jesus.

So, this is a long blog post...my attempt at summing up part of our week this week. Did anyone hang in there for the whole thing? :) We're excited about our next adventure in Colorado...we'll be there so soon.


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