Happy Easter

Wow its been a long time since I've blogged. Blogging just hasn't been the priority lately, know what I mean? With my 5K and Liam's birthday in early March, to busyness at work and trying to keep the morning (all-day) sickness at bay (YES!), I really haven't thought about the blog that much.

But! We have some cute pics I wanted to share of our little sweetie pie at Easter. We had a great day yesterday at church and with our friends the Jacksons and the Bilbros last night. We're so thankful for the ways we've been blessed with good friends especially since we're far from family.

And yes, baby #2 is on the way! I'm a little over 11 weeks along, and due October 22. We're so excited about this new addition. We had a great doctors appointment on Friday and got to say hi to our little one on ultrasound. Someone asked me if it was as exciting this time around as it was with Liam. It definitely is! Every child is a blessing. Every pregnancy a chance to trust the Author of Life with something so out of our hands. We're excited about this journey.


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