Tokyo Tie Bag

Tokyo Tie Bag
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So this isn't the greatest picture in the world, but I wanted to show off my latest project! This bag is called "Tokyo Tie Bag" from Sew Everything Workshop that I posted about earlier this month. Such a fun beginner project, especially since I am wanting to make bags. I did this first bag per the pattern, but I will tweak the pattern for the next one I make. I'll make it a little bigger next time, make the lining a little heavier (I used a bottom-weight cotton canvas), and I'll possibly square off the bottom so that it sits flat. The pattern calls for a snap to close the bag. I didn't add a snap...but I may add some kind of closure for the next one I do. Maybe a magnetic snap or a loop/button closure.

If you do a Flick search for Tokyo Tie Bag you'll see some other great examples of this bag. I'm loving sewing more!


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