Liam is five months!

Liam is Five months old today and we just wanted to share a five month pic. He's continues to be so much fun. Things he's doing at five months: He's recently discovered his feet and apparently they taste delicious because they're in his mouth a lot. As you can see in the previous post he's becoming much more mobile, by any means necessary-rolling over, scooting, shimmying, but not quite yet crawling or sitting (but close to sitting). He's eating solid foods now, so far just rice cereal, but we're adding avocados and bananas soon. He's "talking" more and more, blathering, and growling, and like most boys will be very good at sound effects. We can't believe how much we love him and how much fun we're having being a family. We feel truly blessed to have this gift and are reminded that God's love and affection for us is even greater than our love for our sweet Liam.


Linds 7/8/09 6:46 PM  

He's SO cute Virginia!

Virginia 8/8/09 12:43 PM  

Thanks Lindsey!!!! Getting big so fast.

cindy lou-who 9/8/09 3:26 PM  

he looks just like his daddy!!! you've always wanted a mini-me, right, drew? :-)

Kath,  10/8/09 2:28 PM  

so sweet! looks like he's sliding into 3rd base!

The Keylors 18/8/09 9:01 PM  

What a cutie V! We love you guys!


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