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I love reading everyone else's new blog posts! But...I'm terrible at keeping ours updated. I've been watching my RSS reader for new posts like they're personal emails or something! So, I thought I'd write a quick little post today for those of you who like to read updates as much as I do.

My normal routine has become a little blah lately, so I think I may change it up a little tonight. Maybe go walk around at Barnes and Noble tonight, or read on the patio, or even (gasp!) go work out a little while.

I've been looking for good menu ideas, and really starting to get more inspired about cooking. I love to cook, but have been in a rut...really since moving to FL. I've been reading some inspiring dishes, and am getting close to giving them a try. Honestly, I do love cooking...its just the cleaning part that I despise...so, I have to find ways to get less dishes dirty while I cook so I have less to clean up.

I've also been thinking about getting a new blender so I can make smoothies more often. Our blender doesn't cut it with frozen stuff. So, I found this site with 10 ideas for smoothies. I know this doesn't really help my cleaning issue, but I know I can't completely avoid it. Anyone know of a good blender that's easy to clean?

Well, that about sums up what's on my mind today! Food! Now, what's for dinner?


orangejack 7/8/08 3:35 PM  

We got a classic looking Oster one from Target a few years back. Glass. We wanted it to be durable. Only has a toggle switch for short bursts or on. Handy and nice. To clean, here's a trick: after using it, rinse it out, then fill it half way with warm water and a squirt of soap. Blend it for 10 seconds and rinse it out. If you use it regularly this works great for a few days. We do a through clean after a few days or so.

jlo 8/8/08 12:31 PM  

I do the same with my blender, it really works.

Also, when you are trying to clean pans, while it is still hot, but some water in it and use a spatula push stuff off then dispose. you will only have to use a little soap and water afterwards.

As for cooking recipes, I highly recommend thepioneerwoman.com
She has some amazing stuff that is not that hard to cook.

We can't wait to see you guys.

Stephen Hunton 11/8/08 2:23 PM  

check out the fish tacos recipe that we made the other night...it's on Thehuntons blog.

khunton 14/8/08 6:54 AM  

MMMMMMmmmmmm......I want a smoothie now!

Anonymous,  18/8/08 8:44 PM  

Here you go:




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