Molly Ann Mutz is with Jesus. Please keep praying for this precious family. Here's the latest update from Jen's blog (Full of Boys): Flying to Jesus.

Jen, thanks for blogging about this. I have not had enough words to express my sadness for Jake and Becca. I've been thinking a lot about the capacity our hearts have for emotion. Sometimes we think it can't hold any more "feelings"...and then we're stretched even further. Molly has been a blessing, she is a blessing. A friend of mine once said that when a loved one passes away, it makes heaven that much closer to us. We were all drawn a little closer to heaven this week.

Its been an emotional week around our morning devotional at work. So many things going on, and my wonderful coworkers are an encouragement to me as we pray for our friends. With all the hectic-ness of the daily grind, I can't believe I get to work in an office full of people that love the Lord and support each other this way. Its a true gift.


Harris Family 21/6/08 1:33 PM  

How wonderful that you work with people that support you prayfully and love you with the love of Christ. That makes going to work every day that much better!

Still praying for Jake and Becca. I have been reading several blogs lately about families who have lost a baby. I think that must be the greatest pain in life. For some reason, I am drawn to pray, pray, pray for these families. I have been so blessed by Molly's story and I look forward to hearing more about how she touched so many lives even though her days were short on this earth.

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