We're still here. :) Just hasn't been much going on lately, well, at least not much that's blogworthy.

I saw this article today on Yahoo! Finance: Ways to Make Saving a Habit.

I think the article has some good, practical advice for ways to save more, spend less, and stop being so hard on myself about it. It talks more about the mental part of financial peace...changing attitudes, making decisions, etc; less about which category of the budget should get that extra ten dollars (or more likely, which part of the budget can get cut this month...).

I also read today (here) that Americans are driving less to deal with high gas prices, but not eating less to cut high food/grocery prices. Thought that was interesting, although a strange comparison since food is a basic necessity and gasoline isn't really (you know: food, clothing, shelter).

Andrew and I are Dave Ramsey fans, and on our way to Financial Peace (eventually!). This article inspired me a little today.


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