Saturday night

Chicago-style stuffed pizza - Giordano's - YUM!

"Sing us a song, you're the piano man"

We had a fun night out on Saturday. Pizza, dueling pianos, it was so fun to go out! We haven't done that in a while.

Now its back to work. So much to do, never enough time. I hope to be very productive this week. We'll see how that goes.


Jordan Eoff,  23/1/08 10:37 AM  

That pizza is about as plump as me! Can you say gigantic?!

Virginia 23/1/08 12:14 PM  

yeah it was huge! :)

jlo 24/1/08 7:33 PM  

Wow, that looks good, so do the two of you. Can't wait to see you again in the near future.

khunton 26/1/08 11:08 AM  

cute pic! love your hair, virg!

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