Little Rock weekend

We've been in Little Rock this weekend celebrating my Dad's birthday. I didn't think it would really be possible to surprise him, but he was genuinely surprised to see us! I just had so much fun with my family. The colors in the picture are dark, but the emotion is really great.

The cake was made by Blue Cake Company. It was chocolate fudge, and seriously one of the best cake's I've ever had! Andrew designed the picture, and it was used on the invitation.

We're heading back to Orlando tomorrow. Its been a quick trip, but I'm always thankful for time at home and with family.


Jordan Eoff 29/1/08 1:54 PM  

We are glad you had a great time. We wish we could have been there to see you and see your dad's reaction...classic. Mandy is feeling better, which is good for me and Emma-Grace. Sorry again that we weren't able to come.

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