Multiplicity Again

Okay, I did one of these a few semester's back. Just wanted to show the one i did for my advanced photoshop class.


jlo 2/8/07 3:19 PM  

Why didn't you get in the water?

Can you teach us some Photoshop stuff?

khunton 12/8/07 2:18 PM  

wow, talk about being in multiple places in once! you must be exhausted! jk- that's really awesome!!

Virg, you've been tagged...check out my blog for details. xoxo

khunton 12/8/07 2:22 PM  

ps, I had to do 3 word verifications to post a comment on your blog. Security must be better in FL.

Shelli 13/8/07 3:58 PM  

Virginia...You've been tagged...read by blog for instructions. Jaime started it...blame it on her! :) Shelli

Anonymous,  14/8/07 4:02 PM  

Hey Drew and Virg,
I love reading your blog, but it makes me miss you even more!
Mom Steger

CreditGuy 16/8/07 3:00 AM  

I enjoy your work much and kindly envy you because you can do it. I have installed Photoshop in my PC but still can not make it out.

Stephen Hunton 10/9/07 1:24 PM  

PS - It's September...

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